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November 29, 2020

We are pleased to announce the launch of our ‘Theme Press Website Care Plans’ for both new and existing customers.
A simple solution that helps you take control of your website, making sure it’s always safe, secure and as up to date with the latest web standards as it can be.

WordPress is a great platform to build modern, responsive websites on, it’s expandable, versatile, intuitive and easily upgradable. Because of this WordPress is by far the most popular platform out there today, more than 25% of all websites are made using the WordPress platform.
Its user-friendly interface and huge variety of plug-ins available enable us to make your website both beautifully unique and as feature rich as you need it to be.

However the downside to using such a popular platform like WordPress is that it can be prone to hacking, viruses and malware. The good news is that to combat this WordPress (and 3rd party plugin developers) frequently releases core updates which typically contain important security updates and patches to protect your WordPress website against such nasty bugs, so it’s really important that you run these updates on a regular basis.

The reason WordPress releases updates so frequently is because it’s an “open source” platform, which means that anyone with web development knowledge (like us) can contribute to the platform and build upon it. WordPress releases updates on a regular basis not only for security measures, but also to make sure it’s contributors are maintaining the custom functionality they have created for the WordPress platform.

Running an update on your website can be very straight forward and for the most part the updates are safe and successful, however depending on the nature of the update, there is a chance that it could cause unwanted visual changes or functionality problems with your website such as:

  • Appearance problems; custom/bespoke themes may not be compatible with the update or formatting may be changed.
  • Functionality problems; broken features or 3rd party plugins such as PayPal Payments or a Facebook Feed not working as they should.
  • Overall website problems; complete pages not appearing or functioning as they should.

Any of these problems are always fixable but can be complex and time consuming to resolve.
As part of our care plans we will run these updates for you, monitor the progress, fix any visual or styling errors and resolve any functionality problems which the updates/security patches may cause. This means that your website will always have the protection it needs, be on the latest WordPress core platform and always adhering to the latest web standards that Google and the likes expect to see.

Find out more about our new hosting and maintenance plans here.

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