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Website Hosting and Domain Name

Hosting - If you chose to host your new website with us we will take care of all configurations. If you choose to host your website elsewhere we will provide you with the website and all its files in a compressed (.zip) format, it will then be your responsibility to upload the files via FTP to your chosen hosting platform and configure the DNS settings and any web forwarding. Your hosting provider should be able to help you with this.

Domain Name - If you chose to purchase your domain name through us we will take care of all configurations. If you purchased your domain name elsewhere (but hosting with us) we will need access to your domain name control panel in order to configure the DNS settings so the domain name points to the right place (where the website is hosted).

Domain Information

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File Upload

Upload any website assets such as logo and images. 20MB Max

If you wish to send us multiple files please package them up into a .zip file prior to uploading. Large files sizes may take the form longer to submit.

Dropbox File Sharing

Using Dropbox can be a great way to share files. Please create a folder in your dropbox account and share a link with us below: